Posted by: brunning | December 13, 2012

Sail Sydney Day 1 + New ISAF ranking #9 ….

Started the day with a nice boost from my teammate Tom Burton who told me the new ISAF rankings came out and apparently I’m #9 in the world, which is my best ranking ever. To be honest i’m not really sure how it works but i’ll take what I can get! TB himself is now #1 … A strong team in Australia, with still three in the top 10 (Slingo!) and 5 in top 22 (Palky, Jwest), something im proud to be part of with all the boys sailing well.

In terms of the regatta, with a building sea breeze it was a tricky day in the harbor. The kiwis have arrived and Nick Heiner from Holland too which added a bit more punch to the fleet after sail Melbourne. The race course was deceptive, Pressure coming from Watson’s Bay and also streaming down the harbor made for some side picking.

My goal in terms of the upwind today was to get off to a clear start and stay in pressure. If you over committed to the sides it could be either a winner or a loser so to me it felt like a day for some flap and tack autotacks and to stay lifted. Simple sailing by initiative.

On the downwind you needed to pick a side and stick with it too! tricky for sure and a bit nerve racking when people advancing down your flanks.

I finished up with a 2,2,2 in today’s three races. TB, Palky and Meechy all got me in one each. Couldn’t quite get a win but always in the running! Give it a crack tomorrow.

Looking forward to continue on tomorrow in next 3 races. Late start in the arvo and looks like a solid sea breeze. Should be some nice hiking in the sunshine in Sydney.

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  1. Nice………………………….. Tally xx

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