Posted by: brunning | December 15, 2012

Day 3 Sail Sydney – Traffic

10am start postponed to around 11-1130 due to lack of breeze on the harbour. Bit of a rarity and it quickly rose to around 8 – 10 knots.

Plenty of traffic on the harbour today, had a port starboard situation with an ex AC boat (Australia series) and had to tack and avoid a cruise ship near the left lay line. Add the general washing machine effect in the harbour and you have some seriously topsy turby racing. Definitely a lot of frustrated or elated people today, tensions running high …

In terms of my own racing I erred toward conservatism. I only fought for an end of the start line in the final race and I often just started in my own gap a little down from the favored end. This lead to some first beat disasters and I once rounded a top mark in 8th last today and hacked my way backĀ  to 4th … Few good shifts and sets of waves and nice paths between the harbour traffic definitely helps!!!

On the downwind I found trying to keep a lane and be on the ‘right side’ for incoming pressure to be key. Sounds simple but often meant taking hard angles and being cautious not to take waves away from pressure! I also thought top mark roundings if done poorly could make you sink or swim, my boat handing is still not up to scratch.

I finished with a 4,8,4 today which rounded up to be a good day in terms of keeping scores low. Maloney and I managed the same points so we are right next to each other with TB and Sam Meech around 7 – 12 points ahead.

Today we had some strong outgoing tide and I was surprised to see little to no BFDs. The race committee while doing a great job on turning over fast and enjoyable races might have had too much pressure to get us off particularly on the final start. There was grumblings among the fleet about the amount of boats clearly over in the last start and a protest was lodged by a teammate who will try reopen it tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the final day with three more races in what I would assume to be similar conditions to today. After 10 races we get two drops which mixes it all up a little more! See if I can finish up strong and have a better day in terms of starts and first beats especially.


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