Posted by: brunning | December 31, 2012

Nek Minnit ………….. Day 3 Australian National Championships

So here’s how my day went …………

Drank a liter of iced coffee …… I have an addiction … Stopped in and bought a liter of V energy drink and some power gels … Wanted to get some energy between races … It was windy! 10 – 30 knot range and some serious wind shifts was a day of keeping your head.

Race 5 – Glam start at the boat end, TB off my hip. Hiking upwind in 25 knots through steep chop … Nek Minnit … Yellow Flag …

Was pretty angry. I was meatballing (hunch hiking to protect back) and a yellow flag in strong wind upwind and in chop is always one you go … I dont understand !??! did my turns and tried to avoid everyone.

Anyway it fired my blood up and I hiked hard and felt that anger turn to clarity. Nailed a big right shift and rounded in 8th fought back to 5th with the squad ahead. Overhauled them one at a time on the beat and then downwind took back Palk and Jared. Only TB out a little further ahead and unmatchable.

Race 6 was the same story except not as far right initially. Started just down from boat, popped out and tacked and crossed when possible. TB and Jared led the charge out to the right with me around 4 – 5 boats up from them. I started folding into them as the wind went right but went block to block and layed down the grind. High mode! I knew I needed to get to the lefty I could see coming.

It was gradual but soon I was lifting off them and looking good. Suddenly the left was huge! I dug back on an OK right angle while still in pressure then tacked again to keep protecting the right. I made an error when I tacked a little too early to get to the big left that was coming down and missed the MUCH bigger right pressure a minute later … so rounded the top in 3rd.

Thing was because the right shift behind me was so big all the guys out the back had come back reaching into the top. Primarily TB and Jwest! This place has so many ups and downs so you just race those around you.

On the reach I rounded in 2nd or 3rd with all the squad around me. On the run I held onto 3rd but had a tight buoyroom rounding with Jwest then Palk came in behind him and sent it in there while I gave jwest room in a rough seaway. Didn’t really effect anything so we raced on despite a few hails.

2nd beat I chipped away but some crazy autotack style shifts relegated me to 4th. On the final run I made great gains and caught right up to Jwest. On the final beat we had so much on when a major left shift hit those 100m behind us first and they hooked off us. I managed to stay in phase but took a huge header back to the center and gave away all my lead on the group. Then when i tacked back wearny, ki and mitch crossed me and i took a step further and footed to lock them in on starboard. Then tacked onto port to secure 3rd (which could have so easily been a 10th!) …

So another big day of ups and downs. Sometimes you look golden and nek minnit you look like your doomed. Thats Hobart for you, deal with it and press on!

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